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Section 1 - News and Announcements


Section 1-1 – Announcement:

“Students’ Group Calls”


Art students are invited to attend at least one of these group calls

Finally!…. we are going to kick off our “Persian calligraphy Group Calls” on ooVoo to have art students meet one another.

These group calls will be coordinated between a few smaller groups of people to get to know each other and introduce themselves to one another.

WHEN:Saturday 08/04/2012 - Sunday 08/05/2012

TIME: Multiple time slots - TBD


Toll Free (US and Canada):1-800-536-7607

International callers:+1-818-396-4000

If you are interested in attending these group calls then please RSVP and mention your preferred hour(s) of the day (PST).


Section 1-2 – Announcement:

“Semester Registration”

Online calligraphy classes - Applications Accepted Now

Registration deadline for fall semester will be as follows:

Fall Semester 2012

Applications accepted by:

July 30, 2012

Beginning of Classes:

Aug 06, 2012

If you are already taking the online calligraphy courses then you would need to renew your registration for the new semester; you would need to check your weekly hour, and pay for the tuition fee.

If you are beginning your class this semester then you need to set your class hour. Contact us and we will be happy to help you with that:


Contact Us:

Toll Free (US and Canada):1-800-536-7607

International callers:+1-818-396-4000

Click here for class schedules and registration


Section 1-3 – Announcement:

New Section: “Custom Persian Poetry”

Have you ever thought you can have a poem with your family members’ names in it?

Yes, now it is possible. With Mojdeh Roufeh’s magical poems, it would be possible to have your own custom poem.

Mojdeh’s Persian poetry on the occasion of weddings, engagements, etc.has truly revived the spirit of pure Persian culture and literature tens of thousands of kilometers away from our homeland, Iran.

Mojdeh Roufeh, was born in 1970 in the historic city of Esfahan in Iran. From the very beginning, her mother (who had poetic talents herself) made book her best friend, so her mind was attracted to all the folk songs, lullabies and other children’s poems and songs at the time. As a result, at age seven she developed a poetic style of writing and would attempt to rhyme like the books she had read. By age fourteen, rhyming words had led to full sentences, verses and eventually elaborate poems that caught the eye of her literature teachers and school administrators. Read more>>


Section 1-4 – Announcement:

New Section: “Online Farsi Classes”:

If you or your children do not speak, read, and write in Persian (Farsi) then you are encouraged to read on to learn more about our online Persian (Farsi) classes here.

Meet our wonderful Farsi Teacher, Farangis Lashkari:

Due to numerous requests from our art students, we are now proud to have Mrs. Lashkari as a great addition to our team!

As a former principal and teacher in Iran and bringing her precious experience throughout many years of educational experiences in Tehran and in Los Angeles, Mrs. Lashkari teaches Farsi (vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing) via live video streaming .

What are the students saying?

"Mrs. Lashgari is a wonderful teacher of the Persian language. Her lessons focus on the importance of strong fundamentals. She is comprehensive and methodical in her teaching style, ensuring that the student is trained in the language thoroughly and properly. Most important of all, she is very sweet, patient, and fun. Along with grammar and vocabulary, she ties in cultural and conversational aspects of the language making each class unique, educational, and entertaining. As the classes are via Skype, it makes for extremely convenient class times in the comfort of your own home. Taking classes with Mrs. Lashgari is the perfect way to learn the language and Persian culture. I highly recommend her lessons to any adult or child who would like to learn or improve their Farsi. "

Ashley Johnson, Miami FL

"Ms. Lashgari provided teaching resources from several different primary sources to provide a logical sequence of material to master.

Her choices regarding which initial vocabulary to teach facilitated the classroom exchange for weeks to come, and established a base of achievement that kept me excited about the prospect of further learning. She also utilized several different teaching strategies during each individual session to help reinforce learning of the grammar point that was the focus of the session, and prevent the class from becoming monotonous or overly formulaic.

I recognize that a class of a single pupil can stand as a distinct challenge, when the target language utilizes an unfamiliar alphabet, different sentence structure, and shares few (if any) cognates with the student's native tongue. In this instance, if I did not have the correct answer to a question posed by Ms. Lashgari, or failed to remember grammar details that I had seemingly mastered the previous night, there were no other students to call upon, and no alternative for her but to rephrase, re-explain, and remediate.

Ms. Lashgari was very personable during the periods of instruction, yet she remained highly professional at all times. She shared some details regarding her family and family situation in order to teach pertinent cultural lessons, but never indulged in unnecessary self-disclosure. She was accommodating when the vagaries of my professional schedule required last minute rescheduling of a session.

On her side, she was punctual for start times, and when returning from breaks, and provided as much advanced notice as possible .

In summary, Ms. Lashgari impressed me with her skill as an instructor and her enthusiasm and dedication to teaching the Persian language, and propagating knowledge of the Persian culture."

Malika Pulatova, New York, NY

Sign up for Online Farsi Classes>>


Section 1-5 – Announcement:

An Evening of Poetry (online)

With Mojdeh Roufeh and Payman Hamed

Together with “FAAL-E HAFEZ” and Live Calligraphy

Title: An Evening of Poetry, and "FAAL-E HAFEZ) Followed by live calligraphy (selected verses)
Language: Persian (Farsi)
By: Mojdeh Roufeh, Sam Anvari, and Payman Hamed

Sunday 08/05/2012

Time: TBD

Where: Online; on Persian calligraphy's Live Streaming Page

More info and RSVP:

Toll Free (US and Canada):1-800-536-7607

International callers:+1-818-396-4000


Section 1-6 – Announcement:

“Calligraphy Artists Invited”

Are you a Persian calligraphy artist? We invite you to join and showcase your artworks in front of tens of thousands of art-lovers who visit Persian calligraphy’s website.

TRY IT FREE for 3 months, afterwards:

Monthly Plan: 25 cent per art piece per month*

Annual Plan: $2.50 per art piece per year*

*Plus %15 of the sales price (to cover card processing and misc. expenses)


Section 1-7 – Announcement:

Recent Events/Upcoming Events

For events and media contact :

Section 1-7-1- California Society for Calligraphers - March 2012:

The Love of Arabic, Ottoman and Persian Calligraphy:

(by: Sam Anvari, Puya Jahanshahi, Payman Hamed)

This seminar/workshop includes a history of Arabic, Ottoman and Persian calligraphy and has a glance on the roots and various styles emerged out of it. Various applications of different calligraphic styles, such as architectural designs and monuments, religious context (Quran and Hadith), literature and royal calligraphy will be discussed in detail. The presentation also covers materials and tools used in Persian and Arabic calligraphy. The workshop that follows includes a short introduction to Persian Calligraphy with some basic lessons, using authentic Persian- Arabic calligraphy materials.


Section 1-7-2- Art Center College of Design, Pasadena CA - March 2012:

As a part of this event in celebration of different arts and cultures, Art Center students got introduced to the art of Persian calligraphy and learned more about the principles of this art and had their names written as a calligraphic design.


Section 1-7-3- California State University, Northridge - April 2012:

California State University at Northridge celebrates culture and diversity in an annual event coordinated by University Student Union.

This year this event took place on March 11 and 12. In this event, Persian Calligraphy was among the invited groups/performers and in live Persian calligraphy performance, more than 200 students got introduced to the art of Persian calligraphy and learned more about this art and had their names written in a calligraphic design.



Section 2 - Selected Students' Arts


Click on the thumbnails to see larger picture

James Souttar (SA); London UK Jill Zachman (SA); San Pedro CA

Joseph Medeiros (SA) New York NY Kathy Sarai (SA); Calabasas CA

Maryam Boloorchi (SH); Santa Monica CA

Mehrdad Azizi (SH); Reno NV

Mojgan Hannani (SG); Los Angeles CA

Roya G (SG). Tarzana CA Mehrdad Azizi (SH); Reno NV

Vahid Naziri (SC); Seattle WA Roshan Houshmand Andes NY


Section 3 - Selected Calligraphy Arts



Section 4 - Research /Articles


حسن زرین خط 1273–1357

استاد حسن زرین خط در سال 1273 در تهران به دنیا آمد.
او از سرآمدان هنر خوشنویسی دوران معاصر است.
وی از 10 سالگی قلم به دست گرفت و پس از شاگردی اساتیدی چون میرزا طاهر کاتب همایون به مقام معلمی رسید.
در زمانی که هنوز دستگاه‌های جدید چاپ وارد ایران نشده بود، اکثر کتاب‌ها چاپ سنگی به خط استاد زرین‌خط بود و از این استاد برجسته ده‌ها کتیبه مساجد و بناهای بزرگ تاریخی به جا مانده است.
استاد حسن زرین‌خط، در خط نستعلیق شهره بود، البته خود را پیرو میرزا رضا کلهرمی‌دانست.

Read more

حسن میرخانی 1305-1364

خوشنویسی را به همراه برادر بزرگتر خود، مرحوم سید حسین میرخانی نزد پدر بزرگوارشان مرحوم سید مرتضی برغانی فرا گرفت.

سید مرتضی از پرورش یافتگان مستقیم مکتب میرزا محمدرضا کلهر بود که به این ترتیب استاد سیدحسن میرخانی به واسطه وی از مکتب کلهر خوشنویسی را تعلیم دیده است.

سیدحسن میرخانی در اقلام مختلف به اجرای قطعات خوشنویسی پرداخت.

آموزش صحیح و نبوغ خاص او به مرحله‌ای رسید که اکنون می‌توان جایگاه خطی خاصی برایش در میان خوشنویسان قدیم و معاصر در نظر گرفت.

حسن میرخانی در دانگ‌های مشقی و جلی صفحه قطعاتی دلنشین با اجرای استادانه و قدرتمند به یادگار گذاشته که زینت بخش مرقعات، موزه ها و خانه‌های عاشقان هنر خوشنویسی است.

در دانگ کتابت، با کتابت آثاری همچون کلیات سعدی، خمسه نظامی، مثنوی معنوی، دیوان حافظ و ... علاوه بر خلق آثاری بدیع با پختگی و ظرافت مثال زدنی، از لحاظ ادبی هم آثاری بی‌غلط و نادر از خود به جای گذاشته است که همیشه مورد توجه خوشنویسان و اهل ادب بوده و هست

Read more


Section 5 - International News about Persian Calligraphy


Persian calligraphy shines at Turkish-Iranian competition
Tehran Times
TEHRAN -- Iranian calligraphers shined at an Iranian-Turkish joint calligraphy competition held here in Tehran, winning the top cash prizes awarded during a ...
Iran holds Persian calligraphy exhibition in Italy
Press tv
Iran’s cultural office in Italy has mounted a Persian calligraphy exhibition in Palermo
Master Salahshur's Persian calligraphy on show in Italy
Tehran Times
TEHRAN – A collection of Persian calligraphy by Iranian master Mohammad Salahshur has been put on display at the 'Castello della Cuba' in Palermo.
Museum showcasing Persian Nas'taliq calligraphy writing
Press TV
Saba Art Galley is showcasing the life's work of the Director of Iranian Calligraphers Association, Professor Abbas Akhavein whose work represents ...
Farhang Foundation Celebrates Iranian New Year at LACMA
When: March 18, 2012 with family-friendly activities from 11:30 am - 7:00 pm 11:30 am - Persian musicians and dancers, story readings and calligraphy for ...
Distinguished Iranian calligraphers of Holy Quran hold exhibit in ...
Tehran Times

TEHRAN -- An exhibition of calligraphy by distinguished Iranian calligraphers of the Holy Quran opened at Tehran's Imam Khomeini Mosalla here on Thursday...

Venezuelans welcome Iranian art
Islamic Republic News Agency
He noted that Venezuelans received Iranian theatre as well as Iranian photo and ... painting, weaving, pottery, calligraphy, metalworking and stonemasonry.
The Met's Bold New Galleries
The Majalla Magazine
... because the Met can display more of its collection, which ranges from Persian carpets to mosaics, wood carvings, calligraphy, silver jewelry, ...
Calligraphic touch to Ghalib's poetry
Times of India
With more than 200 exhibits from various disciplines of calligraphy such as suls, nasq and kufi from Arabia and the Indo-Persian nastaliq and diwani on ...
Jakarta hosting Iran's Cultural Week
Islamic Republic News Agency
Talking to IRNA, he added that presence of Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic ... miniature, photos and posters, painting, calligraphy, carpet, ...
Set your sights on India
Evening Standard
Then there are elegant panels of Persian calligraphy. This is not St Peter's Rome. It feels feminine and pretty rather than magnificent.
Diverse canvas united in spirit
Magic of Persia also organises a Contemporary Art Prize (MOPCAP), which was won last ... mainly on paper, including calligraphic scrolls by Golnaz Fathi, ...
London: Nowruz No War
Nowruz No War is an event to celebrate the Persian New Year and learn about ... and heady mix of film, calligraphy, language, family activities and food.

Hayv Kahraman: ”Telling Tales of Horror with a Demure Grace”
Her influences include Persian miniature art, Arabic calligraphy, traditional Japanese prints, art nouveau, and fashion illustrations, and she introduces ...
Indian delegation visits Fanar
Gulf Times
The team also held a weeklong exhibition on Arabic, Persian and Urdu manuscripts and calligraphy and their similarities with one another at the Fanar.
Indian delegation visits Fanar
Gulf Times
The team also held a weeklong exhibition on Arabic, Persian and Urdu manuscripts and calligraphy and their similarities with one another at the Fanar.
Asia Society Texas Center celebrates new building opening with ...
Your Houston News
... Chinese Lunar Zodiac Face Painting, Korean Hangul, Farsi and Arabic Calligraphy, Japanese Ikebana, Vietnamese Calligraphy, Dragon Puppets and more.
London gallery to hang Persian calligraphic paintings
Tehran Times
Hakemi has said that she aims to introduce contemporary Iranian calligraphy to foreign audiences through this showcase. “Azra Aghighi Bakhshayesh is the ...
Tehran gallery hangs paintings inspired by Attar's Simorgh
Tehran Times
TEHRAN – An exhibition of calligraphic paintings inspired by Attar's ... Iranians commemorate the Iranian classic poet and mystic Farid ud-Din Attar (c.
Maestro Shajarian's 2012 US Concert Tour
A living legend of Persian classical music, Shajarian is also known for his mastery of Persian calligraphy and humanitarian activities.
Iran to hold 2nd International Calligraphy Exhibition
Press TV
About 700 works created by 545 Iranian and international artists have been submitted to the event so far. The participating calligraphers have presented ...
Armide: Muslim warrior princess in love
One of their resources was the book The Art of the Persian Courts as well as a Persian calligrapher who transcribed the libretto, which decorates the set, ...
Qazvin to host Second Intl. Biennial of Calligraphy in May
Tehran Times
Abdolmajid Taleqani (1737-1717) was a great master of shekasteh nastaliq in the history of Persian calligraphy. He achieved a high position in calligraphy ...
Armide conquers
Toronto Sun
Meanwhile Gauci continues to refine his lavish, Persian calligraphy-inspired sets to a point where they fairly shimmer with beauty, setting off the lavish ...
Saadi, The Eminent Iranian Poet
Many Iranian university professors and scholars are slated to attend the ... Copies of both works were often penned by the masters of calligraphy and ...
Buy a piece of history
Hindustan Times
This painting has a broad border, gold-speckled with Persian calligraphy seen relating to the date of his birth, accession, full name and date of death.
New styles of Persian calligraphy unveiled in Tehran
Tehran Times
Aryamanesh, who for over 30 years has been practicing nastaliq script, a unique and ornate Iranian style of calligraphy, gave some details about the new ...
Shokoufeh Malekkiani: Dancing with Light at Agora Gallery
Chelsea's Agora Gallery will feature the original work of Iranian artist, Shokoufeh Malekkiani ... taking some of her inspiration from Persian calligraphy.
Separating art from war in Iran
Eureka Street
Sabre rattling, both by the Iranian leadership and by Western ... of his own works that incorporate evocations of mystical love and Persian calligraphy.
Shokoufeh Malekkiani: Dancing with Light at Agora Gallery
Iranian artist and humanitarian activist Shokoufeh Malekkiani gravitated towards photography ... taking some of her inspiration from Persian calligraphy.
23 yr old Iranian showcases 60 pieces of artwork paintings and ...
Press TV
Nasta'liq is also one of the main script styles of writing and traditionally the predominant style in Persian Calligraphy. It was developed in Iran in the ...
The Geometry of The Spirit
Day Press News
Under the name of ta'liq, it was also used by Ottoman calligraphers in Istanbul, where Persian was widely understood among the educated, to write poetry in ...

Calligraphy: Visitors impressed by detail
The Express Tribune
By Shamsul Islam FAISALABAD: As many as 50 calligraphic artworks are on display ... He said his personal favourites were Arabic, Persian and Ottoman Turkish ...
ECO Cultural Institute to host Persian calligraphy show
Tehran Times
TEHRAN – Calligraphy artworks created by Ali-Ashraf Sanduqabadi will be put on display during an exhibition at the Diplomatic Gallery of the ECO Cultural ...
Rampur Raza Library
Press Information Bureau
The miniature paintings represent Turko-Mongol, Mughal, Persian, Rajput, ... specimens of Islamic Calligraphy, art objects and damaged printed books.
Three Questions for 'Jewel' Handbag Designers Bita & Rouzita of ...
Huffington Post
Our ita logo was designed by Bita to represent a modern interpretation of Persian calligraphy. The turquoise blue color we selected for the Farah clutch is ...
Time for a spot of enjoyment
Herald Sun
>>>>MIX >>CALLIGRAPHY WORKSHOPS Every Sunday you can learn the art of Calligraphy ... Languages include: Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Iranian (Farsi), ...

Islamic Architecture on Zanzibar
In around 1200 CE, the Shirazi, who trace their origins back to Persia, ... The numerous mosques, madrassas and caravanserais, and the calligraphy on ...
Bright Lights: Nava Arts Centre grand opening
North Shore News
... promotion of traditional Persian and classical world music and other fine arts, including calligraphy and painting, through education and performance.
Iran announces 2nd calligraphy biennial winners
Press TV
The 2nd edition of the International Biennial of Calligraphy has honored this year's winners during a ceremony held in the Iranian calligraphy capital, ...
ECI to hold cultural week on Khayyam in Kazakhstan
Tehran Times
Several programs including exhibitions of calligraphy, miniature, ... The artworks have been created by Iranian masters Yadollah Kaboli, ...
ECI to hold cultural week on Omar Khayyam in Kazakhstan
Press TV
ECI director Hojjatollah Ayyoubi and a number of Iranian and Kazakh cultural ... The event will showcase various artworks of calligraphy, miniature, ...
5 things to do tomorrow
See modern Persian calligraphy: Iranian artist Fereydoon Omidi's homage to Persian calligraphy features delicate large-scale works that play on the beauty ...
Iran's Pasargadae private bank unveils art collection in Tehran
Press TV
... calligraphies, calligraphy paintings and sculptures by prominent artists ... “This is the first time that a private Iranian bank has been involved in ...
Tehran gallery to host “100 Works, 100 Artists” next week
Tehran Times
... sculptures and calligraphy on display during its 21st exhibition of “100 Works, ... director Leili Golestan told the Persian service of ISNA on Tuesday.
Kick some fun goals this weekend
Herald Sun
Free. CALLIGRAPHY WORKSHOPS Every Sunday you can ... Languages include: Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Iranian (Farsi), ...
Iran to publish selected works of Bismillah festivals
Press TV
The books include top calligraphy works, drawings, graphic designs, ... The photos come with descriptions written by Iranian architecture experts, ...
Four Asian and European countries to hold Iranian culture weeks
Press TV
The Iranian culture weeks in Turkey and Lebanon will also display paintings by Gholam-Ali Taheri, miniatures by Reza Badrolsamaie, calligraphy works by ...
Modernist Iranian painter Mansureh Hosseini dies at 86
Tehran Times
TEHRAN – Mansureh Hosseini, a pioneer of Iranian modern art, ... Her paintings were a combination of calligraphy, line and paintings that seemed a little ...
The XVA welcomes Fereydoon Omidi for a solo exhibition of ...
Art Daily
For its new show, the XVA welcomes Fereydoon Omidi, who presents his latest works of contemporary Persian calligraphy within the popular DIFC gallery.
Holy Quran scribed in Shekasteh Nastaliq to be unveiled
Ahlul Bayt News Agency -
The Quran copy is prepared by Persian calligraphy master Alireza Babaei. As he said, all pages of the work are decorated with gold and the style Shekasteh ...
Iranian art workshops open at Milad Tower
Tehran Times
Over 20 Iranian artisans are offering their products in different fields including miniature, calligraphy, illumination, painting, earthenware, intarsia and ...
Ali Shirazi's Persian Calligraphy Exhibition Warmly Received
Master Ali Shirazi's collection of calligraphic-paintings sold out fast on the opening day at Tehran's Shirin Gallery, bringing back a glimmer of hope to ...
Calligraphy works sold out on opening day of show
Tehran Times
TEHRAN – Master Ali Shirazi's collection of calligraphic-paintings sold out ... and the other artists, Shirazi told the Persian service of Fars News Agency.
Copy of Holy Quran in gold-honey ink calligraphy unveiled in Tehran
Iran Book News Agency
... was completed in 114 weeks, the Persian service of ISNA reported on Friday. ... is a graduate of Persian literature, with first grade in calligraphy.
Copy of Holy Quran in gold-honey ink calligraphy unveiled in Tehran
Tehran Times
... completed in 114 weeks, the Persian service of ISNA reported on Friday. ... is the 44th artwork created by the young artist and calligrapher Behdani.
Iranian cultural festival concludes amid festivity
Pakistan Observer
The festival integrated photographic display of development of Iran, calligraphic exhibition, Persian books and publications, original handwork on wood, ...
Japanese cultural festival opens in Isfahan
Tehran Times
However, the Iranian Artists Forum (IAF) in Tehran will be hosting the event ... calligraphy, the Japanese tea ceremony (Chanuyo) and the Japanese flower ...
Iranian-American Artist Channels Arab Spring In New Exhibition
All of the photos are inscribed with intricate calligraphy, taken both from "Shahnameh" and from contemporary Iranian poets. Neshat said that the poems on ...
Arab Spring, Dotty Hirst, $2.75 Million for Sunflower Seeds ...
The meticulous calligraphy that covers the bodies and faces -- in ... You don't have to know Persian to feel the sense of defiance that fills the rooms. ...
Tehran exhibit reviewing Persian calligraphy in Iranian modern art
Tehran Times
TEHRAN -- Tehran's Pardis Gallery of Mellat Park is playing host to an exhibition of calligraphy works reviewing calligraphy in Iranian modern art. ...
Custom-made creations
I want to debunk the myth that the ancient art of Arabic calligraphy is a ... Fasih's colourful and detailed illustrations of 13th-century Persian poetry, ...
VP opens International Seminar on 'Islamic Art & Culture' at Hyderabad
Humayun, during his exile in Persia, developed a taste for Persian ... The emperors were not merely admirers of calligraphy, they were also practitioners. ...
Seminar on Islamic culture and art inaugurated by VP
Times of India
Painting and calligraphy were other areas of excellence. ... "The Mogul style developed from the interaction of the refined Persian style and the strong, ...
Hindu statesman Zed welcomed at Darul Uloom Islamic University
Newstrack India
It runs 32 departments/offices and teaching here includes Islamic jurisprudence, Quran, Arabic, Persian, Islamic studies, calligraphy, etc. ...
Iranian artworks on display at Kuwaiti expo
Tehran Times
Exhibition of Arabic calligraphy, Islamic decoration, Islamic textile ... was welcomed by visitors to the gala, the Persian service of MNA reported. ...
Salar Jung museum to open an Islamic art gallery
This includes 2600 Arabic, 4800 Persian, 1000 Urdu and 25 Turkish manuscripts collection and nearly 1400 lose panels of calligraphy. The museum library has ...
Plans for an Islamic art gallery in Salarjung Museum
The Hindu
... able to see all of the 2600 Arabic manuscript collection, 4800 Persian, 1000 Urdu, 25 Turkish and nearly 1400 lose panels of calligraphy at one place. ...
New life infused into Ghalib's haveli, museum to showcase poet's time
Times of India
... on display include replicas of shamadaans (lamps) and qalam-dawats (pen and inkpots) used by Ghalib as well as four books in Persian calligraphy. ...


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